Man wearing a ULA equipment rain kilt for rain protection.

Rain Kilt vs Pants: Which Is Right For Your Thru-Hiking Trip

Rain gear is essential to any outdoor trek, whether day-long or thru-hikes, especially when the weather forecast ...

My Waymark Gear pack on a Eagle Rock Loop Trail hike

Framed vs Frameless: Choose The Perfect Thru-Hike Backpack

Are you tired of sifting through endless pages of backpacks, trying to find the perfect one for ...

Man hiking on the beach with a Robic green ULA Photon backpack

ULA Equipment: Do They Seam Seal Their Backpacks?

Are you looking for a backpack that will keep all of your gear dry and protected against ...

Showing the Zpacks Plex Solo and Gossamer Gear The One against a black background with a versus sign

Choosing The Perfect 1 Person Shelter For Thru-Hiking: Gossamer Gear The One vs Zpacks Plex Solo

Are you looking for a lightweight tent to take on your next backpacking adventure? We’ve got you ...

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Adding a NeoAir X-Therm pad into a MSR tent

Your Sleeping Pad: What Are R Values And Why Do We Use Them?

Are you looking for the perfect sleeping pad for your thru-hike? Are you wondering how to select ...

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Walking across icy land with Microspikes on feet for enhanced grip

Microspikes: How To Choose The Right Size For Your Thru-Hike

Are you looking for a lightweight and affordable way to safely traverse ice-covered trails during your thru-hike? ...

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UGQ Bandit Vs Outlaw: Choosing The Perfect Backpacking Quilt For Your Thru-Hike

Having the right gear is essential for any thru-hiking and backpacking adventure. Having the right sleeping system ...

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Showing the Zpacks Duplex and Gossamer Gear The Two against a black background with a versus sign

2P Tent Showdown: Zpacks Duplex vs Gossamer Gear The Two

Regarding the Zpacks Duplex and the Gossamer Gear The Two, the main differences lie in their weight, ...

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man in a azure blue Zpacks goose down jacket in the forest with snow

Down Jacket: Simple Decision Will Help Aid a Thru-Hiker

When you begin looking into gear for thru-hiking you quickly realize warmth is a core concern, both ...

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Man standing on top of a peak showing off his trail runners

Altra Lone Peak: Why Trail Runners Shouldn’t Be Waterproof

When you begin looking at shoes for your hike, most, like myself, will think that they want ...

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Cork trekking poles stuck in snow on a peak showing mountains behind

EVA Grip vs Cork: Choosing A Perfect Grip For Months of Use

Hiking, while fun for a weekend, can be a lot tougher to do once you decide to ...

black friday hiking deals with a black bag with the words black friday on it

Amazing Black Friday Hiking Deals For Dropping Gear Weight

If you’re looking for a great way to take advantage of Black Friday, look no further than ...

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