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About Helping Research, Plan, & Gear Up

Helping thru hikers find their way and prepare for long distance hikes is incredibly rewarding. As I continue to learn and prepare for my hikes I love to add all the best details I can here to carry forward these helpful tips and hints.

For this reason, was created! We want to make your life easier, by adding to your knowledge, helping to solve your pain points and issues as quickly and easily as possible.

Unlike many websites out there we take time to research and understand what is needed, I am researching many trails and trying to constantly find ones which will fit my time off from work so posts can come slowly at time.

How is our Content Written?

A lot happens behind the scenes. One piece of content requires a whole lot of time for it to be the highest standard. Here is basically my process below:

  • Coming up with relevant topics (1+ hours)
  • Dedicated research (5+ hours)
  • Content curation (1+ hours)
  • Fact and source checking (1+ hours)
  • Writing the content (5+ hours)
  • Designing the visuals (1+ hours)
  • Proofreading (30 min)
  • Final touches (1+ hour)
  • Publishing (30 min)

As you can see, just one article, from start to finish, can take more than 12 hours to produce! If we were robots working around the clock, technically we would be able to make one article per day, but the same as everyone, we need to sleep and eat.

Having said that, do you want to help us? Feel free to send us:

  • Ideas for future content
  • Collaboration requests
  • Feedback
  • Anything else?

Have a question?

Feel free to email us at: [email protected] but please keep in mind that we get quite a lot of emails, so it may take some time before we respond.