UGQ Bandit vs Enlightened Equipment Revelation – Which Quilt is Best for Thru-Hiking?

We compare the UGQ Bandit and Enlightened Equipment Revelation quilts to determine which is better for thru-hiking based on temperature rating, quality, customization, and more.

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Josh Koop

I live with my wife and daughter in Katy, Texas and my local trail is the Lone Star Hiking Trail which is an amazing way to experience the Sam Houston National Park!

UGQ Bandit quilt and EE Revelation quilt set against a black background
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Many cottage companies make quilts that are suited for long-distance thru-hiking. Today I wanted to help you compare Enlightened Equipment and their Revelation Quilt against the very popular UGQ Bandit to help you make the best decision for your trek.

The main difference is customization options to make the best quilt, and UGQ uses the comfort temperature ratings instead of limit temperatures so it’s warmer than equally configured EE. This leads to warmer quilts that match the temperature chosen at purchase and more comfortable sleeping.

Now let’s compare both these custom quilts head to head with the same specs, or as close as each allows, this will allow a more direct evaluation then we can dig into the differences between them.

This way, you can make an informed decision and start gearing for your thru-hike .

Key Factors For Choosing The Best Thru-Hike Quilt

There are many factors to consider when looking for the quilt for your trek, and the main thing is making sure that it fits your needs from a temperature rating side, as this will lead directly to difficult cold, shivering nights if not prepared well.

Outside of this, you want to know the quality of work they produce as stitching fails you it can lead to insulation shift and maybe a loss, then fabrics can help to lighten the load or amp up the durability to ensure long life.

Ensuring Top Notch Craftsmanship For Your Trek

Both companies have been creating quilts for a long time, from looking over details and reviews from loads of people in person, in videos, and from written reviews that there are no big outstanding issues between either.

Both are sewn with clean stitching which ensures the down stays in the right places as opposed to allowing it to redistribute and leave cold spots.

UGQ’s Comfort Ratings Keep You Warmer Than EE’s Limit Ratings

A big difference between the two gear companies is that UGQ uses a “comfort” rating, which means that you will feel good at their rating when the temperature is at the rating you purchased which makes it a perfect match.

The Enlightened Equipment rating is a “limit” rating which means you can sleep with it to the rated temperature but it will be cold and you may have shivers or need other cold-weather clothing inside in addition.

That said, our ratings are similar to the EN/ISO limit temperature rating. The EN/ISO standards differentiate between two temperature ratings: comfort temperature and limit temperature. Typically these two ratings are about 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit apart. 

Enlightened Equipment Support Portal

This means that a 20-degree quilt from UGQ will keep you warm similar to a 10-degree Enlightened Equipment Revelation, this can be a huge divergence in gear cost for relatively balanced performance.

Comfort Temperature

Defined as the lowest temperature at which a person in a relaxed position (i.e. lying on their back) is not feeling cold. Many manufacturers use comfort ratings for their women’s gear, or for people who tend to feel cold easily.

Limit Temperature

Defined as the lowest temperature at which a person in a curled-up body position is not feeling cold. Many manufacturers use limit ratings for their men’s gear, or for people who generally feel warm when they are sleeping.

The winner is UGQ

Goose vs Duck Down – Which Insulates Better On The Trail?

There are multiple options for down, for Enlightened Equipment they use 850 and 950FP down, and UGQ offers 800, 850, and 950FP down options.

Enlightened Equipment also uses Grey Duck Down for their 850 FP down and then they use Grey Goose Down for the 950 FP.

There are some differences between these two feather types and many think that duck down is less efficient and poorer performing than goose down.

UGQ uses duck down in their 800 FP quilts and then they use goose down for their 850 FP and 950 FP quilts, which is why the down weighs less than the similar 850 rating from the Enlightened Equipment quilt.

By providing more options the winner is UGQ!

Boosting Warmth By Overstuffing Your Quilt

This is where the two vary greatly again, Enlightened Equipment offers no option to add overstuff on the initial order form which is a fail I feel on an opportunity to help out someone looking for additional warmth on a thru-hike.

UGQ provides a purchaser the ability to add overstuff to the main quilt, foot box, or both. For the main quilt body, you can choose between 1 or 2 ounces of additional down to help provide that extra warmth for a cold day!

The clear winner is UGQ!

Balancing Durability And Weight In Quilt Materials

Here the two companies kind of diverge, with Enlightened Equipment choosing to focus on lighter and less durable 7D, 10D, and only three types of 20D nylon.

This can help them bring the weight down on their quilts tremendously but can also lead to relatively shorter lifespans.

On the other hand, you have UGQ focusing on a 20D exterior shell fabric but providing a 10D nylon for only a $10 increase if the weight savings is wanted versus overall durability.

In addition, they provide many other patterns with PRYM1, Hexcam, and OutdoorInk for a vast array of colors and patterns on your gear helping make them far more unique.

This is a draw, both offer amazing customization options that rival each other.

Stopping Cold Drafts From Sneaking In

This is something that helps to keep out drafts when you pull the quilt in tight on those super cold nights, neither vendor has a draft collar as a standard item on their quilts but you are able to add one onto either.

Draw, though little more cost for draft collar addition to EE quilts.

Optimizing Foot Box Design For Cold Nights

The EE Revelation is only available in the drawcord foot box, for them, you have to change quilts over to the Enigma for a sewn closed foot box option if that is a need.

UGQ separates itself from many with the variations it allows here as there is the more standard drawstring option, the flat sewn closed option, then an insulated option to help those who suffer from consistent cold feet!

UGQ wins by a mile by providing massive value in configuring your footbox.

Dynamic Tension For Ultimate Adjustability

UGQ has a dynamic tension control that can be added to your quilt that helps pull the quilt edges under and around you.

This helps to keep you warm and comfortable in nearly any position unmatched by Enlightened Equipment or other companies.

Keeping Your Sleeping Pad Secure All Night

Both offer solid pad attachments with UGQ and their options are even more varied, allowing you to find the perfect match for your needs, from weight using a toggle system to a thick cord and clip system like Enlightened Equipment offers.

This gives a slight edge to UGQ for providing the option to go light and toggle if you are trying to really dial everything down as you still get the strap but at a 20% weight savings.

Don’t Take My Word For It – Check Them Out

UGQ Bandit

Get cozy and conquer the cold on your next thru-hike with the UGQ Bandit , an ultra-customizable down quilt engineered for unbeatable comfort thanks to its premium materials and intelligent features.

  • Temperature Ratings Based on Comfort: The Bandit uses a comfort temperature rating, meaning it will keep you warm down to the temperature listed. This prevents cold, shivery nights.
  • Premium Down Options: You can choose 800, 850, or 950 fill power goose down for maximum loft and warmth for the weight.
  • Customizable Features: Personalize your Bandit with fabric colors/patterns, overstuffing amount, footbox style, and other options.
  • Innovative Design Details: Features like the adjustable Tension Control system, pad attachments, and draft collar create a versatile and warm sleeping experience.

Enlightened Equipment Revelation

Shed ounces off your pack without sacrificing warmth by customizing the ultralight Revelation quilt from Enlightened Equipment, engineered with premium down and innovative details to keep you cozy through even the coldest nights on the trail.

  • Lightweight Materials: The Revelation uses ultra-lightweight 7D, 10D, or 20D nylon shell fabrics to minimize weight.
  • Premium Down Options: Choose between 850 fill power duck down or 950 fill power goose down for maximum warmth-to-weight ratio.
  • Versatile Configurations: Available in different lengths, widths, footbox styles, fabric colors, and temperature ratings.
  • Innovative Design: Features like the cinch cord footbox, pad attachments, and flexible baffles allow easy adjustments for optimal comfort.

Final Thoughts on UGQ Quilt vs EE Revelation For Thru-Hiking

Overall you can’t go wrong with your choice from these two excellent companies, but this doesn’t mean they are equal.

Instead, you need to understand the variations and differences between each to make the appropriate modifications.

Many don’t understand temperature ratings lead to a colder sleep than they expect, with the belief that the quoted temperature is always “comfort.”

This is incorrect as the companies can list whichever they want on the package, leading you possibly far astray.

Just make sure you understand how the gear is represented and what your time and expected temperature will be. My next quilt this year will be UGQ, as I have a build ready to purchase I just have to save up for the purchase.

If you want to check out my list of the best budget quilts for thru-hiking check out the page here!

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