Open Up to Challenging Yourself

For your health and wellbeing nothing can beat getting out and away from our technologically controlled lives. This is why I feel everyone should take on a challenge, find the right length that can fit your time off.

Detailed Thru Hiking Gear Reviews, Skill Tutorials & Trail Information

The goal for ThruHiker is to make thru hiking easier, safer, and more viable for all. My hope is to inspire others to adventure and healthy outlets with skill-based tutorials, comprehensive trip guides, and in-depth gear reviews, and much more.

Top Gear Picks

Gear Top Picks page is reserved for my personal favorite thru hiking gear. When I hit the trail, this is what I take and carry.

Top UL Gear Picks

Top UL Gear Picks is reserved for the best ultralight thru hiking gear. This ensures you the lowest  baseweight.

Top Budget Gear Picks

Top Budget Gear Picks is reserved for the best bang for your money thru hiking gear. This ensures you the best costs on thru hiking gear.
Meet Josh
I'm Josh, the outdoor explorer and enthusiast behind ThruHiker. I enjoy hiking, backpacking, travel, interesting gear, and all things outside.
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