Skyline 30 Fastpack: First Hands-On Experience With Fastpacking

Early access review of the new ultralight Skyline 30 fastpack for faster, longer trips - tested in Texas heat with a stripped-down fastpack gear list to shed weight.

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Josh Koop

I live with my wife and daughter in Katy, Texas and my local trail is the Lone Star Hiking Trail which is an amazing way to experience the Sam Houston National Park!

Man walking with the Outdoor Vitals Skyline Fastpack on llowing fast and efficient trail miles
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I was lucky enough to get early access to the Outdoor Vitals Skyline 30 Fastpack and I wanted to pass along how it feels and rides for me.

However please do note it has been 100+ degrees in Houston heat for 20+ days so most of this is in the house and worn while using the treadmill until this heat wave of the last nearly three weeks passes!

I got a size medium, which weighs in at 23.2 ounces with both water bottles un-filled in the shoulder straps. If you skip out on them it weighed in for me at 20.7 ounces and the price comes in just under $200.

To be fully transparent and clear I was sent this without a purchase but also without any need to review, I found this highly unique for those wanting to take longer faster trips where you can minimize gear but cover far more miles.

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Initial Hands-On Prior to First Use

Before this, I had read about ultra runners and that they carried gear for long carries but not always to camp at the end of a day, this intrigued me a lot as the Lone Star Trail is super hot here but you could cruise it as it is mostly flat much faster with the right gear and approach.

Main Body

The first thing I noticed was the fastpack fabric itself, it is real white, it will show signs of dirt and dust, and use no doubt pretty fast once on the trail. But at the same time, it doesn’t feel cheap it looks amazing, the stitching is all on point, and no threads are out of place.

It is a single compartment featuring a roll-top with a velcro closure, maybe I would have preferred buttons since that’s what my latest Palante has and I have come to really like snaps.

The front pouch and the bottom pouch are very well done and look to be made of solid mesh called “Challenge Ultra stretch mesh” which I think is maybe the newest form of tough durable mesh for packs in 2023.

Under the stretch bottom pocket, there is a zippered pocket also to allow access into a more secure place that is still simply accessible without digging into the depths of the pack. To me, this makes the main body all for camp and additional food, and camp needs.

There are also two standard side pockets available for any use you may require, from water bottles to carrying other tall items you may choose to bring on an overnight run. The sides also have one tensioner about 1/2 way up the side to tighten down as needed.

Shoulder Straps

Much like the new CS40 there is a more distinctive red backing to the shoulder straps which I like as a highlight versus the more boring dark pads, my hope is this helps sweat get pulled away.

Note these are straps, no padding as they are meant to hug you and not carry 20 pounds of gear so the are thin but they feel comfortable, though I’ve maxed out filling the pack at about a normal 10-pound base weight.

The Skyline Fastpack comes with two 16 ounce soft side water bottles which are HydraPak branded, they feel easy to slide in and out when full in testing. Also, it has a nice center zippered pocket on both shoulder straps in front of the water for other holding needs like a key, wallet, etc.

Also below those water bottle pockets is two smaller pouches which may be perfect for snacks and other quick need items, but I have yet to figure them out for myself.

Inside it has a water bladder sleeve if you prefer to use them to hold water, and an additional pouch on the front side internally to hold a wallet or valuables inside and out of sight.

Back Frame

There is a non-removable foam frame which is about a half inch deep in the same racecar red as the should straps so it matches well, on quick wear it feels super comfortable and not irritating with movement.

How I Filled the 30L Space

As I am in Texas and we are very close to 100 degrees basically all summer I carry very little “warm” gear instead of relying on Alpha and a rain jacket for heat should I need to layer up after effort so YMMV.

Lighterpack for those who prefer easy-to-read lists, will aim to make a video. Also if this would help comment below and let me know.

Main Body

  • Durston X-Mid Pro 1
  • 40-degree hammock gear quilt
  • Therm-a-Rest XLITE NXT
  • Nemo Fillo Elite
  • Alpha Gear Pants
  • Alpha Gear Socks
  • Senchi Wren
  • Lightheart Gear Rain Jacket

Front Pocket

  • Poop Kit
  • First Aid Kit
  • Stakes
  • Sawyer Squeeze and CNOC bag

Side Pocket

  • GG Thinlight Pad
  • Water Bottle

Bottom Zip Pocket

Expect trash from food

Shoulder Straps

Nothing Currently

Review After 30 Days of Use

Coming in 30 days!

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