Sleeping Pads

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Adding a NeoAir X-Therm pad into a MSR tent

Your Sleeping Pad: What Are R Values And Why Do We Use Them?

Are you looking for the perfect sleeping pad for your thru-hike? Are you wondering how to select ...

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blue inflatable sleeping pad inside a red tent

How to Effectively Clean Your Backpacking Sleeping Pad

One constant in managing gear is ensuring you take care of it to lengthen its lifespan, and ...

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hammock sleeping pad vs underquilt

Hammock Sleeping Pad vs Underquilts: Which is Right for You?

There are two main types of warmth options available for hammock users, the traditional sleeping pad and ...

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Man inflating a grey sleeping pad

R-Value 101: Why Sleeping Pad Insulation Value is Important

When you are sleeping outdoors on the cold ground, the most important factor to consider is your ...