Complete Sleeping Pad Comparison For Thru-Hikers

When looking to build a sleep system being able to compare items is important so this sleeping pad comparison table helps take the difficulty out.

Complete Sleeping Pad Comparison For Thru-Hikers

Using the Sleeping Pad Comparison Table

Search: The search function will search the entire table. For example, if you search “big agnes 4.3,” it will show you all Big Agnes sleeping pads with an R-Value of 4.3. The search function is case-specific but not case-sensitive.

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  • R = Rectangle
  • RD = Rectangle Double
  • RT = Rectangle Triple
  • M = Mummy
  • MD = Mummy Double
  • T = Tapered
  • TD = Tapered Double
  • C = Custom


  • CCF = Closed Cell Foam
  • SI = Self Inflating
  • AI = Air Inflation

Pump (Included)

  • Y = Yes
  • N = No


i) All information, including pricing, was taken from each company website (January 2023). Errors or discrepancies may be possible. For the most accurate, up-to-date information, visit each company’s website. If you notice any errors, you can also email me.
ii) Imperial and Metric are converted using standard formulas; this may cause minor discrepancies with the company’s website information.
iv) Some companies include a “minimum weight” or “trail weight” in their specs. The weight used in the table below is the “total weight.”
v) Remember that specs alone don’t tell the whole story. There are many other factors to consider (baffle type, inflation method, comfort, etc.)
vi) The companies chosen for the table are the ones that use the new ASTM rating method.

We have a complete list of our backpacking gear compendiums if you want additional gear.

Sleeping Pad Comparison Table

BrandModelR-ValueLength (In)Width (In)Height (In)Weight (Oz)Packed (In)PriceShapeTypePump
Big AgnesAir Core Ultra Regular1.472203.3187 x 469.95RAIY
Big AgnesAir Core Ultra Wide Long1.478253.3248.5 x 499.95RAIY
Big AgnesAir Core Ultra Wide Regular1.472253.3228.5 x 499.95RAIY
Big AgnesDivide Insulated Petite466203.319.77.5 x 4119.95RAIY
Big AgnesDivide Insulated Regular472203.3238 x 5119.95RAIY
Big AgnesDivide Insulated Wide Regular472253.3308 x 5.5149.95RAIY
Big AgnesDivide Insulated Wide Long478253.3339 x 5.5149.95RAIY
Big AgnesDivide Insulated Double Wide478503.36015 x 6.5249.95RDAIY
Big AgnesGoosenest Double Decker Inflatable Cot78261311528 x 8499.95RAIY
Big AgnesGoosenest Inflatable Cot78266.564.928 x 6299.95RAIY
Big AgnesHinman Regular572201.53421.5 x 579.95RSIN
Big AgnesHinman Wide Long578252.558.927 x 6119.95RSIN
Big AgnesHinman Double Wide578502.5123.127 x 8199.95RDSIN
Big AgnesHinman Double Wide578504141.827 x 9.5249.95RDSIN
Big AgnesHinman Double Wide577404117.821 x 9229.95RDSIN
Big AgnesInsulated Air Core Ultra Petite4.566203.319.77.5 x 499.95RAIY
Big AgnesInsulated Air Core Ultra Regular4.572203.3228 x 499.95RAIY
Big AgnesInsulated Air Core Ultra Wide Regular4.572253.3288.5 x 4139.95RAIY
Big AgnesInsulated Air Core Ultra Wide Long4.578253.3318.5 x 4139.95RAIY
Big AgnesInsulated Air Core Ultra Double Wide4.578503.36015 x 6.5199.95RDAIY
Big AgnesInsulated Air Core Ultra Short4.548203.3147 x 3.579.95RAIY
Big AgnesInsulated Q-Core Deluxe Regular4.372203.5258.5 x 4.5169.95RAIY
Big AgnesInsulated Q-Core Deluxe Long4.378203.5278.5 x 4.5169.95RAIY
Big AgnesInsulated Q-Core Deluxe Wide Regular4.372253.5319.5 x 4.5219.95RAIY
Big AgnesInsulated Q-Core Deluxe Wide Long4.378253.5349.5 x 5219.95RAIY
Big AgnesInsulated Q-Core Deluxe Extra Wide Long4.378303.551.111 x 6249.95RAIY
Big AgnesRapide SL Insulated Petite4.266203.5187.5 x 4.5149.95RAIY
Big AgnesRapide SL Insulated Regular4.272203.5198 x 4.5149.95RAIY
Big AgnesRapide SL Insulated Long4.278203.5218 x 5149.95RAIY
Big AgnesRapide SL Insulated Wide Regular4.272253.5248.5 x 5199.95RAIY
Big AgnesRapide SL Insulated Wide Long4.278253.5268.5 x 5.5199.95RAIY
Big AgnesRapide SL Insulated Double Wide4.272403.539.911.5 x 6299.95RDAIY
Big AgnesRapide SL Insulated Tent Floor4.278503.546.913 x 6299.95TDAIY
Big AgnesTwisterCane BioFoam1.772200.51420 x 749.95RCCFN
Big AgnesTwo Track Petite3.3662022121.5 x 4.579.95RSIN
Big AgnesTwo Track Regular3.3722022421.5 x 4.599.95RSIN
Big AgnesTwo Track Wide Long3.3782523127 x 5119.95RSIN
ExpedDeepSleep Mat 7.5 LW977.625.6377.626.4 x 8.7RAIN
ExpedDeepSleep Mat 7.5 LXW977.630.3390.831.1 x 9.8209.95RAIN
ExpedDeepSleep Mat 7.5 M97220.5357.821.7 x 7.9159.95RAIN
ExpedDeepSleep Mat 7.5 MW97225.637226.5 x 7.9189.95RAIN
ExpedDeepSleep Mat Duo 7.5 LW977.6523156.827.6 x 11.8309.95RDAIN
ExpedDeepSleep Mat Duo 7.5 M97240.93106.522 x 11279.95RDAIN
ExpedDoublemat Evazote1.278.739. x 5.9RCCFN
ExpedDura 5R Duo LW4.877.651.22.870.915 x 7.9249.95MDAIY
ExpedDura 5R Duo M4.87241.32.851.913.4 x 7.5249.95MDAIY
ExpedDura 5R LW4.877.625.62.836.913.8 x 5.9169.95RAIY
ExpedDura 5R M4.87220.52.830.212.6 x 5.5169.95RAIY
ExpedDura 5R MW4.87225.62.833.913.8 x 5.9169.95RAIY
ExpedDura 6R LW5.877.625.62.837.413 x 6.7RAIY
ExpedDura 6R M5.87220.52.8309 x 5.7RAIY
ExpedDura 6R MW5.87225.62.834.913 x 6.7RAIY
ExpedDura 8R LW7.877.625.63.543.613.8 x 6.7249.95RAIY
ExpedDura 8R M7.87220.53.53413 x 6.3249.95RAIY
ExpedDura 8R MW7.87225.63.540.213.8 x 6.7249.95RAIY
ExpedFlexMat LW1.577.625.60.716.825.6 x 5.534.95RCCFN
ExpedFlexMat M1.57220.50.711.520.5 x 5.934.95RCCFN
ExpedFlexMat Plus LW2.277.625.61.522.825.6 x 7.159.95RCCFN
ExpedFlexMat Plus M2.27220.51.516.920.5 x 7.159.95RCCFN
ExpedFlexMat Plus XS2. x 5.159.95RCCFN
ExpedFlexMat XS1.547. x 5.134.95RCCFN
ExpedMegaMat 10 LW8.177.625.63.980.226.4 x 8.7RSIY
ExpedMegaMat 10 LXW8.177.630.33.991.731.1 x 9.8249.95RSIY
ExpedMegaMat 10 MW8.17225.63.97326.5 x 7.9229.95RSIY
ExpedMegaMat Duo 10 LW+8.177.6523.9163.327.6 x 11.8379.95RDSIY
ExpedMegaMat Duo 10 M8.17240.93.9117.822 x 11329.95RDSIY
ExpedMegaMat Duo 10 Queen8.179.959.83.9190.131.5 x 11.8449.95RDSIY
ExpedMegaMat Auto76523.913627.6 x 11.8399.95CSIY
ExpedMegaMat Max 1510.677.630.35.9118.331.1 x 11319.95RAIY
ExpedMegaMat Max Duo 1510.677.6524.1210.629.5 x 13.8449.95RDAIY
ExpedMultiMat Duo1.478.739.40.118.519.7 x 18.569.95RDCCFN
ExpedMultiMat Trio1.478.759.10.126.821.7 x 21.789.95RTCCFN
ExpedMultiMat Uno1.478.719.70.19.719.7 x 12.649.95RCCFN
ExpedSIM 2.53.37219.7124.39.8 x 6.3RSIN
ExpedSIM 3.8 LW4.677.625.61.541.813.8 x 7.1RSIN
ExpedSIM 3.8 M4.67219.71.530.310.6 x 6.9RSIN
ExpedSIM 5 LW6.577.625.6249.913 x 8.3RSIN
ExpedSIM 5 M6.57219.7235.610.6 x 6.7RSIN
ExpedSIM Comfort 107.277.625.63.973.926.8 x 7.1RSIY
ExpedSIM Comfort 5 LW5.977.625.6256.114.2 x 7.5RSIN
ExpedSIM Comfort 5 M5.97219.7239.510.6 x 7.1RSIN
ExpedSIM Comfort 7.5777.625.636926.8 x 6.3RSIY
ExpedSIM Comfort Duo 55.977.649.22106.426.4 x 7.1RDSIN
ExpedSIM Comfort Duo 7.5777.649.23126.126.4 x 9.8RDSIY
ExpedSIM Lite 3.8 LW3.477.625.61.535.513 x 6.7RSIN
ExpedSIM Lite 3.8 M3.47219.71.526.510.6 x 6.3RSIN
ExpedSIM UL 3.8 LW3.177.625.61.527.913 x 6.3RSIN
ExpedSIM UL 3.8 M3.17219.71.520.510.6 x 5.9RSIN
ExpedSIM UL 5 LW477.625.6230.713 x 7.1RSIN
ExpedSIM UL 5 M47219.7222.610.6 x 6.7RSIN
ExpedUltra 1R Duo LW1.377.651.22.834.211 x 5.5249.95MDAIY
ExpedUltra 1R Duo M1.37241.32.825.49.8 x 5.1249.95MDAIY
ExpedUltra 1R LW1.377.625.62.817.312.6 x 4.3129.95RAIY
ExpedUltra 1R M1.37220.52.813.911 x 3.9129.95RAIY
ExpedUltra 1R Mummy LW1.377.625.62.814.38.3 x 4.3129.95MAIY
ExpedUltra 1R Mummy M1.37220.52.810.98.3 x 3.9129.95MAIY
ExpedUltra 1R Mummy MW1.37225.62.813.28.3 x 4.3129.95MAIY
ExpedUltra 1R MW1.37225.62.815.912.6 x 4.3129.95RAIY
ExpedUltra 3R Duo LW2.977.651.22.840.711 x 6.3299.95MDAIY
ExpedUltra 3R Duo M2.97241.32.829.89.8 x 5.5299.95MDAIY
ExpedUltra 3R LW2.977.625.62.819.812.6 x 5.5149.95RAIY
ExpedUltra 3R M2.97220.52.816.410.6 x 5.1149.95RAIY
ExpedUltra 3R Mummy LW2.977.625.62.816.49.8 x 4.7149.95MAIY
ExpedUltra 3R Mummy M2.97220.52.812.99.8 x 4.3149.95MAIY
ExpedUltra 3R Mummy MW2.97225.62.815.59.8 x 4.7149.95MAIY
ExpedUltra 3R MW2.97225.62.818.312.6 x 5.5149.95RAIY
ExpedUltra 3R S2.96320.52.814.310.6 x 5.1149.95RAIY
ExpedUltra 5R LW4.877.625.62.824.713.4 x 5.9189.95RAIY
ExpedUltra 5R M4.87220.52.820.612.2 x 5.1189.95RAIY
ExpedUltra 5R Mummy LW4.877.625.62.819.612.2 x 5.5189.95MAIY
ExpedUltra 5R Mummy M4.87220.52.815.710.6 x 5.1189.95MAIY
ExpedUltra 5R Mummy MW4.87225.62.818.912.2 x 5.5189.95MAIY
ExpedUltra 5R MW4.87225.62.823.113.4 x 5.9189.95RAIY
ExpedUltra 7R LW7.177.625.63.530.213 x 5.5229.95RAIY
ExpedUltra 7R M7.17220.53.522.911 x 5.5229.95RAIY
ExpedUltra 7R Mummy LW7.177.625.63.524.312.6 x 5.5229.95MAIY
ExpedUltra 7R Mummy M7.17220.53.517.510.6 x 4.7229.95MAIY
ExpedUltra 7R Mummy MW7.17225.63.523.112.6 x 5.5229.95MAIY
ExpedUltra 7R MW7.17225.63.527.911 x 5.5229.95RAIY
ExpedVersa 1R LW1.477.625.622510.6 x 5.3RAIY
ExpedVersa 1R M1.47220.5219.27.8 x 4.3RAIY
ExpedVersa 2R LW2.477.625.6227.210.6 x 5.799.95RAIY
ExpedVersa 2R M2.47220.52219.1 x 4.999.95RAIY
ExpedVersa 4R LW3.777.625.62.831.29.8 x 6.7129.95RAIY
ExpedVersa 4R M3.77220.52.825.29.8 x 5.3129.95RAIY
ExpedVersa 5R LW3.777.625.63.538.413 x 6.7RAIY
ExpedVersa 5R M3.77220.53.529.611.8 x 6.7RAIY
ExpedVersa 5R MW3.77225.63.535.513 x 6.7RAIY
KlymitDouble V1.374473409 x 5149.99RAIY
KlymitInertia Ozone7221.51.8136 x 3.599.99CAIY
KlymitInsulated Double V7447352.812 x 7179.99RDAIY
KlymitInsulated Hammock V78472.5368 x 5.5199.99CAIN
KlymitInsulated Static V Lite1.972232.5208 x 3109.99RAIN
KlymitInsulated Static V Luxe2.4763033210 x 5139.99RAIN
KlymitInsulated Static V Luxe SL78273.531.39 x 7159.99TAIN
KlymitInsulated V Ultralight SL1.972202.5167 x 4.5139.99RAIN
KlymitKlymaloft Double2.37853595.926.75 x 9269.99RDAIN
KlymitKlymaloft Regular2.372232.538.411.5 x 8159.99RAIN
KlymitKlymaloft XL2.37829551.115 x 7.5209.99RAIN
KlymitStatic V1.372232.518.78 x 364.99RAIN
KlymitStatic V Insulated1.972232.5248 x 599.99RAIN
KlymitStatic V Long1.378232.522.48 x 379.99RAIN
KlymitStatic V Luxe1.37630327.28 x 4.5119.99RAIN
KlymitStatic V Luxe SL1.378273.520.89 x 7139.99TAIN
KlymitStatic V Short1.350232.513.58 x 354.99RAIN
KlymitStatic V21.372232.5168 x 374.99RAIN
NEMOAstro Insulated Long Wide2.676253.532.89.5 x 4.5149.95RAIY
NEMOAstro Insulated Regular2.672203.525.88.5 x 4.5139.95RAIY
NEMOAstro Long Wide1.576253.526.59.5 x 3.5129.95RAIY
NEMOAstro Regular1.572203.520.58 x 3.5119.95RAIY
NEMOFlyer Self-Inflating Long Wide3.3762523112 x 8139.95MSIN
NEMOFlyer Self-Inflating Regular3.37220223.310 x 6.5119.95MSIN
NEMOFlyer Self-Inflating Regular Wide3.37225228.612 x 6.5129.95MSIN
NEMOLongbow Alpine Long Wide4.87625329.39.5 x 3.5259.95RAIY
NEMOLongbow Alpine Regular Mummy4.872203218 x 3239.95MAIY
NEMOQuasar 3D Insulated Double3.376523.554.714 x 7.5279.95RDAIY
NEMOQuasar 3D Insulated Long Wide3.376253.5369 x 5.5199.95RAIY
NEMOQuasar 3D Insulated Regular3.372203.527.98 x 4.5159.95RAIY
NEMOQuasar 3D Insulated Regular Wide3.372253.532.89 x 5179.95RAIY
NEMOQuasar 3D Regular1.872203.522.98 x 4139.95RAIY
NEMOQuasar 3D Regular Wide1.872253.526.89 x 4159.95RAIY
NEMORoamer Self-Inflating Double678524132.326 x 11399.95RDSIY
NEMORoamer Self-Inflating XL Wide67830491.716 x 10249.95RSIY
NEMOSwitchback Regular Insulated272200.914.620 x 554.95RCCFN
NEMOSwitchback Short Insulated251200.910.620 x 544.95RCCFN
NEMOTensor Alpine Long Wide4.87625327.29.5 x 3.5259.95RAIY
NEMOTensor Alpine Regular Mummy4.87220319.68 x 3229.95MAIY
NEMOTensor Insulated Long Wide4.27625323.89.5 x 3.5219.95RAIY
NEMOTensor Insulated Regular4.27220317.88 x 3189.95RAIY
NEMOTensor Insulated Regular Mummy4.27220317.38 x 3189.95MAIY
NEMOTensor Insulated Regular Wide4.27225321.99.5 x 3.5199.95RAIY
NEMOTensor Long Wide2.57625320.89.5 x 3199.95RAIY
NEMOTensor Regular2.57220316.68 x 3169.95RAIY
NEMOTensor Regular Mummy2.57220315.78 x 3169.95MAIY
NEMOTensor Regular Wide2.57225319.89.5 x 3179.95RAIY
Sea to SummitCamp Large4.278251.53613 x 6.579.95MSIN
Sea to SummitCamp Plus Large4.37825341.813 x 8.589.95MSIN
Sea to SummitCamp Plus Rectangular Large4.37925347.813.4 x 899.95RSIN
Sea to SummitCamp Plus Rectangular Wide4.3722534313.4 x 889.95RSIN
Sea to SummitCamp Plus Regular4.3722033110.2 x 879.95MSIN
Sea to SummitCamp Rectangular Large4.279251.541.613.5 x 8.589.95RSIN
Sea to SummitCamp Rectangular Wide4.272251.539.313.5 x 879.95RSIN
Sea to SummitCamp Regular4.272201.527.510.5 x 669.95MSIN
Sea to SummitComfort Deluxe Self-Inflating Double6.57951414927 x 10339RDSIN
Sea to SummitComfort Deluxe Self-Inflating Large Wide6.57929493.331 x 7.5RSIN
Sea to SummitComfort Deluxe Self-Inflating Regular Wide6.57225470.426.5 x 7RSIN
Sea to SummitComfort Light Insulated Air Large3.779252.526.610 x 4.5199MSIN
Sea to SummitComfort Light Insulated Air Regular3.77221.52.522.69 x 4.5179MSIN
Sea to SummitComfort Light Insulated Air Women's Large3.972252.527.39 x 4.5199TAIY
Sea to SummitComfort Light Insulated Air Women's Regular3.96621.52.522.69 x 4.25179TAIY
Sea to SummitComfort Light Large3.1782523113 x 6139MSIN
Sea to SummitComfort Light Regular3.17220222.911 x 5.5129MSIN
Sea to SummitComfort Light Self-Inflating Women's Large3.87223227.310.75 x 6.5139TSIN
Sea to SummitComfort Light Self-Inflating Women's Regular3.86721223.58.25 x 6.25129TSIN
Sea to SummitComfort Light Small3.1672022111 x 4.5119MSIN
Sea to SummitComfort Plus Insulated Air Large479252.538.910 x 5239MAIY
Sea to SummitComfort Plus Insulated Air Regular47221.52.531.89 x 5219MAIY
Sea to SummitComfort Plus Self-Inflating Double Wide4.17250392.926 x 9.75279RDSIN
Sea to SummitComfort Plus Self-Inflating Large4.17825345.913.5 x 7169MSIN
Sea to SummitComfort Plus Self-Inflating Rectangular Large4.17925351.913.5 x 9179RSIN
Sea to SummitComfort Plus Self-Inflating Rectangular Wide4.17225348.713.5 x 8.6RSIN
Sea to SummitComfort Plus Self-Inflating Regular4.17220334.211 x 6.5149MSIN
Sea to SummitComfort Plus Women's Large5.17223339.912 x 7169TSIN
Sea to SummitComfort Plus Women's Regular5.16721333.511 x 6169TSIN
Sea to SummitComfort Plus XT Large4.779.526347.911 x 6269RAIY
Sea to SummitComfort Plus XT Regular Wide4.7722534411 x 5.5249RAIY
Sea to SummitEther Light XT Air Large1.27825419.28.75 x 4179MAIY
Sea to SummitEther Light XT Air Regular1.27221.5415.27.5 x 3.5169MAIY
Sea to SummitEther Light XT Extreme Insulated Air Large6.27825435.811 x 7.3219MAIY
Sea to SummitEther Light XT Extreme Insulated Air Rectangular Large6.27925439.311 x 7.3229RAIY
Sea to SummitEther Light XT Extreme Insulated Air Rectangular Wide6.27225435.811 x 7.3209RAIY
Sea to SummitEther Light XT Extreme Insulated Air Regular6.27222427.69.5 x 6.9199MAIY
Sea to SummitEther Light XT Extreme Women's Long6.37225.2430.711 x 7.3219TAIY
Sea to SummitEther Light XT Extreme Women's Regular6.36621.7424.29.4 x 6.9199TAIY
Sea to SummitEther Light XT Insulated Air Women's Long3.57225423.211 x 4.75209TAIY
Sea to SummitEther Light XT Insulated Air Women's Regular3.56621.5419.411 x 4.5189TAIY
Sea to SummitEther Light XT Insulated Large3.2782542411 x 4.75209MAIY
Sea to SummitEther Light XT Insulated Rectangular Large3.27825426.211 x 4.75219RAIY
Sea to SummitEther Light XT Insulated Rectangular Regular Wide3.27225424.111 x 4.5199RAIY
Sea to SummitEther Light XT Insulated Regular3.27221.5419.29.5 x 4.5189MAIY
Sea to SummitEther Light XT Insulated Small3.26621.5418.59.5 x 4.5179MAIY
Sea to SummitUltraLight Air Large1.17825218.88.3 x 3.5139MAIY
Sea to SummitUltraLight Air Regular1.17221.5215.27 x 3.5119MAIY
Sea to SummitUltraLight Air Small1.16621.5213.57 x 3.5109MAIY
Sea to SummitUltraLight Insulated Air Large3.1782522110.6 x 5169MAIY
Sea to SummitUltraLight Insulated Air Regular3.17221.5216.99.5 x 5149MAIY
Sea to SummitUltraLight Insulated Air Small3.16621.5214.89.5 x 5.7139MAIY
Sea to SummitUltraLight Insulated Air Women's Large3.5722522210.7 x 5.3169TAIY
Sea to SummitUltraLight Insulated Air Women's Regular3.56621.5218.49.5 x 5.3149TAIY
Sea to SummitUltraLight Insulated Air X-Small3.15021.5212.39.5 x 4.5129MAIY
Sea to SummitUltraLight Self-Inflating Large2.67825125.413.5 x 5119MSIN
Sea to SummitUltraLight Self-Inflating Regular2.67220119.411 x 5109MSIN
Sea to SummitUltraLight Self-Inflating Small2.66720118.311 x 4.7599MSIN
Sea to SummitUltraLight Self-Inflating Women's Large2.97223122.812 x 5.5119TSIN
Sea to SummitUltraLight Self-Inflating Women's Regular2.96721119.210.75 x 5.25109TSIN
Sea to SummitUltraLight Self-Inflating X-Small2.64920113.911 x 4.2589MSIN
Therm-A-RestBaseCamp Large6772525426 x 7.5129.95RSIN
Therm-A-RestBaseCamp Regular67220240.221 x 7109.95RSIN
Therm-A-RestBaseCamp XLarge67730264.231 x 7.5149.95RSIN
Therm-A-RestLuxuryMap Large6772536726 x 9.5189.95RSIN
Therm-A-RestLuxuryMap Regular67220352.221 x 9.5159.95RSIN
Therm-A-RestLuxuryMap Xlarge67730382.231 x 10219.95RSIN
Therm-A-RestMondoKing 3D Large777254.370.210.3 x 26229.95RSIY
Therm-A-RestMondoKing 3D XXLarge780304.388.210.3 x 31259.95RSIY
Therm-A-RestNeoAir Topo Large2.3772533011.2 x 5.8149.95RAIY
Therm-A-RestNeoAir Topo Luxe Regular3.77220422.99.5 x 5.7169.95RAIY
Therm-A-RestNeoAir Topo Luxe Regular Large3.77725428.911.5 x 6189.95RAIY
Therm-A-RestNeoAir Topo Luxe Regular Wide3.77225427.211.5 x 6179.95RAIY
Therm-A-RestNeoAir Topo Luxe Regular Xlarge3.77730433.913.5 x 6.2219.95RAIY
Therm-A-RestNeoAir Topo Regular2.37220320.89.2 x 5.5129.95RAIY
Therm-A-RestNeoAir Topo Regular Wide2.37225328.211.2 x 5.5139.95RAIY
Therm-A-RestNeoAir UberLite Large2.377252.5127.5 x 3.8249.95MAIY
Therm-A-RestNeoAir UberLite Regular2.372202.58.86 x 3.6219.95MAIY
Therm-A-RestNeoAir UberLite Regular Wide2.372252.510.97.5 x 3.8239.95MAIY
Therm-A-RestNeoAir UberLite Small2.347202.566 x 3.4189.95MAIY
Therm-A-RestNeoAir Venture Large2.27725226.111 x 5.2129.95RAIY
Therm-A-RestNeoAir Venture Regular2.272202199 x 5.5119.95RAIY
Therm-A-RestNeoAir XLite Large4.277252.516.611 x 4.6229.95MAIY
Therm-A-RestNeoAir XLite Regular4.272202.512.79 x 4.1199.95MAIY
Therm-A-RestNeoAir XLite Regular Wide4.272252.515.511 x 4.6219.95MAIY
Therm-A-RestNeoAir XLite Small4.247202.58.59 x 3.5179.95MAIY
Therm-A-RestNeoAir XTherm Large6.977252.521.911 x 4.5259.95MAIY
Therm-A-RestNeoAir XTherm Max Regular6.972202.519.49 x 4239.95RAIY
Therm-A-RestNeoAir XTherm Max Regular Large6.977252.52511 x 4.5269.95RAIY
Therm-A-RestNeoAir XTherm Max Regular Wide6.972252.522.611 x 4.5259.95RAIY
Therm-A-RestNeoAir XTherm Regular6.972202.516.69 x 4229.95MAIY
Therm-A-RestNeoAir XTherm Regular Wide6.972252.521.511 x 4.5249.95MAIY
Therm-A-RestOriginal Z Lite1.772200.814.520 x 544.95RCCFN
Therm-A-RestProLite Apex Large3.8772523013 x 7149.95MSIN
Therm-A-RestProLite Apex Regular3.87220221.911 x 6.8129.95MSIN
Therm-A-RestProLite Apex Regular Wide3.87225227.913 x 7139.95MSIN
Therm-A-RestProLite Large2.47725124.313 x 6129.95MSIN
Therm-A-RestProLite Plus Large3.277251.53113 x 7139.95MSIN
Therm-A-RestProLite Plus Regular3.272201.522.611 x 6.8119.95MSIN
Therm-A-RestProLite Plus Small3.247201.515.911 x 5.8109.95MSIN
Therm-A-RestProLite Plus Women's3.966201.522.911 x 6.8119.95MSIN
Therm-A-RestProLite Regular2.4722011811 x 5.8109.95MSIN
Therm-A-RestProLite Small2.44720112.311 x 5.899.95MSIN
Therm-A-RestProLite Women's2.7662011811 x 5.8109.95MSIN
Therm-A-RestRidgeRest Classic Large277250.61925 x 8.534.95RCCFN
Therm-A-RestRidgeRest Classic Regular272200.614.120 x 829.95RCCFN
Therm-A-RestRidgeRest SOLite Large2.177250.61925 x 8.544.95RCCFN
Therm-A-RestRidgeRest SOLite Regular2.172200.614.120 x 839.95RCCFN
Therm-A-RestRidgeRest SOLite Small2.148200.69.220 x 6.524.95RCCFN
Therm-A-RestTrail Lite Large3.277251.534.913 x 8.3119.95MSIN
Therm-A-RestTrail Lite Regular3.272201.526.111 x 7.899.95MSIN
Therm-A-RestTrail Lite Women's4.566201.526.111 x 7.899.95MSIN
Therm-A-RestTrail Pro Large4.47725339.213 x 9.3169.95MSIN
Therm-A-RestTrail Pro Regular4.47220328.911 x 8.8149.95MSIN
Therm-A-RestTrail Pro Regular Wide4.47225336.713 x 9.3159.95MSIN
Therm-A-RestTrail Scout Large3.17725133.213 x 879.95MSIN
Therm-A-RestTrail Scout Regular3.1722012411 x 7.869.95MSIN
Therm-A-RestTrail Scout Small3.14720115.211 x 759.95MSIN
Therm-A-RestWomen's NeoAir Xlite5.466202.512.79 x 4.1199.95MAIY
Therm-A-RestZ Lite SOL Regular272200.814.520 x 539.95RCCFN
Therm-A-RestZ Lite SOL Small251200.810.220 x 454.95RCCFN
REI Co-opHelix Insulated Regular4.972203219.5 x 5159MAIY
REI Co-opHelix Insulated Regular Wide4.9722532610 x 5159MAIY
REI Co-opHelix Insulated Long Wide4.9782532910 x 5.5159MAIY
REI Co-opCamp Bed Regular7.672252.55826 x 5.5125RSIN
REI Co-opCamp Bed XL7.678302.58430 x 8.5139RSIN
REI Co-opTrailbreak Women's Regular5.366201.83720 x 674.95RSIN
REI Co-opTrailbreak Women's Long5.372201.84020 x 6.574.95RSIN
REI Co-opKindercamp Kids4.560201.52920 x 5.549.95RSIN
Josh Koop

I turned 40 and realized I needed to change my life from being a desk-bound IT worker slowly dying in a cubicle. I have been working on ways to build my knowledge and skills, along with gear. I have plans to do a thru-hike on the Lone Star Hiking Trail, Ouachita Trail, and Pinhoti Trail in the next year.