Best Thru-Hiking Underquilts For a Hammock Hiker

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Josh Koop

I live with my wife and daughter in Katy, Texas and my local trail is the Lone Star Hiking Trail which is an amazing way to experience the Sam Houston National Park!

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While I have been getting my hammock setup fully prepared for three seasons I had to stop using my sleeping pad and GG 1/8th” pad for bottom insulation to help cut down on the condensation they end up creating leading me to find a true underquilt.

What I found is a very diverse set of gear from many vendors using down and synthetics and learned I cared a lot about packability and space within my backpack more than many other gear as this space leads to larger backpacks if not managed, hopefully, the list below of underquilts will help you make the right decision!

Our Best Underquilts for Thru-Hiking

Gear Name (Normalized to 20 Degrees)WeightFill Power
UGQ Zeppelin25, 24, 23 oz800, 850, 950
EE Revolt V224, 22 oz850, 950
HG Premium Incubator21, 20 oz850, 950
CRO Convector20 oz850
Wooki® Underquilt17 oz850
HG Economy Incubator25 oz800
OV Stormloft™ Down Underquilt23.5 oz800+
CRO Convector UP29.9 ozSynthetic
Arrowhead Equipment Jarbidge20 ozSynthetic
OV LoftTEK™ Hybrid Underquilt35 ozSynthetic

I apologize for these not being all complete and fully fleshed out, these take time when you don’t hire someone to spam out Amazon lists and I am working to make them the best resource on the web. Hopefully, soon they will be live.

Best Underquilts for Thru-Hiking

Choosing the best option for you on a thru-hike will come down to many choices, I chose to only list full-length underquilts as most long distance thru-hikes will begin in early spring and last into late fall meaning cold weather is unavoidable.

UGQ Zeppelin

Revolt V2

HG Premium Incubator

CRO Convector

Wooki® Underquilt

HG Economy Incubator

OV Stormloft™ Down Underquilt

CRO Convector UP

Arrowhead Equipment Jarbidge

OV LoftTEK™ Hybrid Underquilt

How to Choose an Underquilt for Your Thru-Hike


Size and Length


Baffle Layout


Temperature Rating

Water Resistance

Common Underquilt Thru-Hiker Issues

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FAQ About Underquilts for Thru-Hiking

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If you are interested in other gear to maximize your thru-hike performance I have gear broken down by type over here on my main gear page.