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The Ultimate Resource for those looking to Thru-Hike

When you have finally made the decision to take the trek of a lifetime you have thousands of questions, I have worked to build the ultimate resource to help everyone be successful.
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group hiking up to a peak with multiple different backpack types and loadout styles

Backpacking 101: How To Pack a Backpack for Thru-Hiking

Learning how to pack a backpack for thru-hiking is essential for anyone who wants to complete a thru-hike. … Read more
Amicalola Falls when I visited from the bottom looking up

Amicalola Falls: How To Start On Your NOBO AT Thru-Hike

For someone looking to get started hiking their thru-hike NOBO on the Appalachian Trail, you have to get … Read more
trail with a zpacks duplex, dan durston xmid 2, and a lanshan 2 tent added to show variety matters.

Tent Weight: What Is A Good Weight For Thru-Hiking Use?

Your shelter on a thru-hike needs to be as lightweight as possible while providing you quality protection for … Read more
Calm lake at just before sunset

Weight Loss: Why Thru-Hiking Causes Pure Chaos In Your Body

When you decide to take a long-distance hike many may be happy to lose a few but there … Read more

Appetite Troubles: How Hiking Causes Hunger Suppression

When most start hiking, they may face some crazy hunger games, where they think they should be hungry, … Read more
Carbon Fiber Trekking poles resting on a backpack as the hiker has a chance to break

Carbon vs Aluminum: Choosing Your Trekking Pole Material

Choosing trekking poles is often a hard choice for new hikers. Do you want the lightest weight? The … Read more
Man inside tent in desert area with rock peaks outside his tent

Tenting Skills: How To Anchor A Shelter In The Desert Sand

While setting up camp in loose sand is a relatively limited skill in general across thru-hiking trails, there … Read more

Visiting America: Explore Our Amazing National Scenic Trails

For those who have a want or will to explore, taking the time to visit the 11 National … Read more