Waymark MILE Review: Ultimate Daypack, Fastpack or Slackpack

In today’s Waymark MILE review, I plan to cover all the things I love and some of the things I…

Waymark Gear MILE in Blue

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Short & Sweet Review

At 28 liters of total space, this is a near-perfect pack for a day hike or overnight hike, while some online have pushed this to be viably used in a 3-day setup it is definitely only possible with the most minimalist of gear.

Featuring a waterproof zippered pouch for wallet and key access and solid internal space to easily fit the ten essentials, this pack is impressively solid if you want a daypack that can last years with a quality build.

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In-Depth Review

In today’s Waymark MILE review, I plan to cover all the things I love and some of the things I would love to have changed or adapted. This pack is what I now use for any simple overnight and given the Texas heat I live in, I can make do with much lighter-weight backpacking quilts.

While many packs are built to last you days on the trail the MILE is built with efficiency and speed in mind for those who want to put in a very long but safe day hike and for those who are looking for a good pack to transition to longer overnights.

Like many of the bigger ultralight backpacks, the Waymark MILE uses a rolltop enclosure to compress everything added with ease and simplicity in mind.

Waymark Mile 28L Backpack Specs

  • Price: $140
  • Weight: 16 oz
  • Capacity: 28 liters total / 22 liters excluding exterior pockets
  • Dimensions: 11” wide x 5” deep x 25.5” tall fully unrolled
  • Best uses: Longer day-hikes, ultralight overnight trips 

I have used this now for a couple of trips on the Lone Star Hiking Trail for a weekend, done a few single nights, and many day hikes and I have to say it’s been super comfortable, and shortly it will be my pack for an upcoming flight.

My Favorite Features of the Waymark MILE Pack

There are many things on this pack that people may end up loving, personally, I am a huge fan of the external pockets and the very decent total exterior storage.

Zippered Pocket

Features a waterproof zipper but also a waterproof zipper with a nice end cover for where the zipper would possibly leave an avenue for water to get in, this little attention to detail is what sets this apart from more inexpensive daypack offerings from other vendors like the Zpacks Sub-Nero or the HMG Daybreak.

Large Lycra Pouch

I love how spacious the outer pocket on this pack is. I can store extra layers, food, and essentials in there with ease with it being instantly accessible the second you need it!

The stretchy lycra makes room for lightweight items such as puffy coats or beanies while also expanding slightly to accommodate more based on what’s inside.

EcoPak Construction

The materials used in this backpack are some of the most sustainable options in the outdoor industry. The EcoPak fabric is made from 100% recycled yarns and is resistant to water and sun bleaching.

I’ve taken this pack through a complete downpour and it held up very well. The EcoPak fabric itself beads up moisture much better than I even hoped.

Roll-Top Closure and Strap

The strap helps to tighten and secure the rolltop of the large internal pocket. This makes it easier to carry a smaller load, but it adds tremendous value to the person wanting to pull off an overnight setup.

The strap helps to keep the roll top in place so that your things stay safe and secure.

Waymark Attachment System

I love the options Waymark provides and how they work across their range of packs, so if you choose to add another pack like the 60L EMBR for a thru-hike attempt the accessories could easily move from the MILE over which makes them a truly amazing value.

The Waymark Gear Co. MILE 28 backpack in Red Rock (photo courtesy of Waymark Gear Co.).
The Waymark Gear Co. MILE 28 backpack in Red Rock (photo courtesy of Waymark Gear Co.).

How I See This Pack Fitting Into My Treks

Honestly, this pack is perfect for all my day trips out to the local hiking hot spots and for many of the weekenders, I choose to do, as my hammock or one person tent fit inside with ease or my larger 2 person tent carried outside with the strap you can easily add value to this pack for most trips.

As to weight, I wouldn’t be surprised that it wouldn’t be comfortable at 20+ pounds unless you have shoulders that have taken this weight for a long time as you don’t have a hip belt. I don’t think overnights should press past this weight point even with more budget-oriented gear.

Personally, I have a LiteAF fanny that I have used with it on my trips to give me some simple and accessible storage for snacks that is lacking without any other methods to keep them at hand and accessible.

What I Enjoy (Benefits)

There are many things to love about this little powerhouse, I would never have believed you could find this comfortable a choice in daypacks with the thought put into matching a traditional larger pack.

Shoulder Straps

These perform much better than some I have gotten on many packs, the load is distributed well on my body and they don’t rub against my neck or shoulders in any weird angles.

The sternum strap fits perfectly and helps to adjust the load and keep it comfortable even at higher weights than a traditional daypack would handle well.

Design & Implementation

The pack is amazingly well thought out and is truly a nice blend for those who normally do day trips allowing the growth to longer treks and inspiring you to move into their longer distance packs while keeping all the familiar elements across their product line.

What Irks Me (Drawbacks)

Every pack has some issues, with the MILE and the use case these are fairly limited and for most may not be as irksome.

Side Pockets

The side pockets are somewhat lacking, I find myself having to tuck water bottles into the side compression strap to help make sure they hold in place and don’t have a chance to dive out if I lean forward too much.

Lack of Hip Belt

While I did supplement with a LiteAF fanny which has the clips that can attach directly to this and all Waymark packs it is odd to have to add on a 1″ hip belt to your order.

I feel this should just be included by default in the pack as it’s a minimal cost but I do understand many may not care for it.

Josh Koop

I turned 40 and realized I needed to change my life from being a desk-bound IT worker slowly dying in a cubicle. I have been working on ways to build my knowledge and skills, along with gear. I have plans to do a thru-hike on the Lone Star Hiking Trail, Ouachita Trail, and Pinhoti Trail in the next year.

Gear Details

Internal Space 22 Liters

External Space 6 Liters

Material ECOPAK EPX200 & EPX70

Enclosure Rolltop
Pack Weight 16 oz
Max Carry 12-15 lbs
Guarantee? 14 Day Guarantee
Lead Time 6 Weeks
Waymark Gear MILE Backpack

Ultimate daypack or fastpack for those looking to put miles down fast and efficient.

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