Helpful Hands-On Gear Reviews

I love to get my hands on gear, unlike many sites I don’t review what I don’t have so you can know or ask questions on anything and I can speak to it or if wanted provide more specific pictures.

Zpacks Zip Around Sleeping Bag Review

Zpacks Zip Around Sleeping Bag: Initial Hands-On Review

Zpacks NERO Review Featured Image man wearing azure blue zpacks nero backpack on grassy bald

Zpacks NERO: Initial Review and First Hands-On Feelings

I wanted to talk about my initial feelings in this Zpacks Nero Review, I have taken it on many shorter treks so far from overnights to three nights trips!

Lady wearing a Waymark Gear MILE backpack in teal blue

Waymark MILE Review: Ultimate Daypack, Fastpack or Slackpack

I have had the Waymark MILE for just over a year now and it has been an amazing pack for shorter trips or overnights, read on for my Waymark MILE review.