Best Thru-Hiking Electronics

Let’s find you the BEST electronics
for YOUR thru-hike!

Choosing your electronics gear will vary greatly based on what you are bringing when you are out on the trail. For those that are recording their adventure (honestly you should think about it), you may need a vast amount of extra cables, batteries, and a camera (or two).

For those who aren’t sure a camera doesn’t have to be a big camera, I would suggest a waterproof camera to ensure the ability to film even in bad weather, these movies are awesome in allowing you to re-experience your hike later.

Simply select your electronics gear of choice below to access the guide.

I apologize for these not being all complete and fully fleshed out, these take time when you don’t hire someone to spam out Amazon lists and I am working to make them the best resource on the web. Hopefully, soon they will be live.