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Best Thru-Hiking Clothing

Let’s find you the RIGHT clothing
for YOUR thru-hike!

Choosing your clothing may be a simpler process for many than choosing their big three but there is some nuance to getting the layering right and getting the clothing to match the environment you will be hiking in.

I apologize for these not being all complete and fully fleshed out, these take time when you don’t hire someone to spam out Amazon lists and I am working to make them the best resource on the web. Hopefully, soon they will be live.

Simply select the clothing you are interested in below to access the guide.

  • Best Thru-Hiking Base Layers (Coming Soon)
  • Best Thru-Hiking Down Jackets
  • Best Thru-Hiking Trail Runners (Coming Soon)
  • Best Thru-Hiking Rain Gear (Coming Soon)
  • Best Thru-Hiking Underwear (Coming Soon)
  • Best Thru-Hiking Socks (Coming Soon)