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Best Thru-Hiking Backpacks

Let’s find you the BEST backpack
for YOUR thru-hike!

Choosing your backpack is one of the final things when you are assembling your big three, you need to know the size tent and sleep system will be so that you can properly size your backpack to hold them and all your other gear.

Basically, your backpack is rated in liters for internal storage space and will have a maximum weight limit which is where you will be able to carry with comfort. What you need to find is the sweet spot where the space and weight match up well to your gear needs.

Simply select your backpack choice below to access the guide.

  • Best Ultralight Thru-Hiking Backpacks
  • Best Lightweight Thru-Hiking Backpacks (Coming Soon)
  • Best Budget Thru-Hiking Backpacks (Coming Soon)
  • Best Women’s Thru-Hiking Backpacks (Coming Soon)
  • Best Framed Hiking Backpack (Coming Soon)
  • Best Frameless Hiking Backpacks (Coming Soon)
  • Best Ultralight Framed Backpack (Coming Soon)
  • Best Backpack for Long Distance Hiking (Coming Soon)