Continental Divide Trail

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Man inside tent in desert area with rock peaks outside his tent

Tenting Skills: How To Anchor A Shelter In The Desert Sand

While setting up camp in loose sand is a relatively limited skill in general across thru-hiking trails, ...

Continental Divide Trail
Continental Divide Trail badge on a tree with a Colorado Trail badge under it, hiker blurred behind walking down the trail

CDT 101: Explore a Thru-Hike on the Continental Divide Trail

Thru-hiking the Continental Divide Trail, or CDT for short, is a challenging but rewarding experience that offers ...

Continental Divide Trail
Glacier National Park Entrance Sign

CDT Thru-Hiking: What Permits Are Needed & When To Get Them

If you are looking to hike the continental divide trail but aren’t sure if a permit is ...

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The three badges of the triple crown of hiking, the appalachian trail, pacific crest trail, and the continental divide trail

Triple Crown: What Is the Big Deal Behind This Hiking Title?

Many who find out about thru-hiking and decide they want to take on the challenge may not ...