DCF Tents: What And Why Are They The Best Option

When I started back into backpacking and assembling lighter gear, I never thought about tent fabrics, and ...

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two people one in a nano puffy and one in a micro puffy jacket with a versus sign between them

Patagonia Nano Puff Vs Micro Puff: Better For A Thru-Hike

When searching for options for a puffy for a thru-hike, many will opt for down-filled jacket choices, ...

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Merino sheep on the farm

12 Reasons Why Merino Wool is the Best Base Layer For Hikes

When choosing your clothing for a thru-hike, there are loads of amazing options available. Now you have ...

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My Dan Durston X-Mid Pro 2 Person DCF Tent is a single wall tent which will always have condensation buildup

Condensation: Simple Ways to Prevent Tent Moisture Build-Up

Many new long-distance hikers may have never heard of nor experienced heavy condensation in their tents before ...

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solar power for backpacking

Solar Power: Is It Suitable For Long Distance Backpacking

Are you considering using solar power for a backpacking trip? New hikers frequently mention that it should ...

backpacking in the shelter - building a budget thru hike gear kit

Money Limitation: Quality Thru-Hiking Gear Kit on a Budget

When you are looking to build a budget thru-hike gear kit, you need to find the most ...

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what is a kula cloth

Kula Cloth: Simple Guaranteed Feminine Hygiene On Trail

If you’ve ever hiked and needed a pee rag, you probably have heard about a Kula Cloth. ...

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how often to change socks hiking

Thru-Hiker’s Guide to Socks: How to Prepare for Your Trek

When thru-hiking, you will go through a lot of socks. How many pairs of socks you bring ...

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hammock sleeping pad vs underquilt

Hammock Sleeping Pad vs Underquilts: Which is Right for You?

There are two main types of warmth options available for hammock users, the traditional sleeping pad and ...

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ultralight hammock setup

Ultimate Resource for Creating a UL Thru-Hike Hammock Kit

When you are looking to thru-hike a trail, regardless of the length you are trying to optimize ...

top quilt laid out on the grass - what is a hammock top quilt

Hammock Quilts: Benefits, Drawbacks, and How to Choose

When you’re looking for a lighter, more versatile sleeping bag option, a hammock topquilt is a perfect ...

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Hammock Straps: Everything You Need to Know to Start Hanging

Looking to buy your first hammock? Chances are you’ll need to purchase some straps too. Hammock straps, ...