Outdoor Vitals Black Friday Deals and woman hiking the shoreline

Outdoor Vitals: Choosing Amazing Gear and Innovation

Over two years ago, I found Outdoor Vitals; I was searching for gear to start building myself ...

Showing the Gossamer Gear The One and The Two against a black background with a versus sign

Gossamer Gear Tents: Choosing Between The One vs. The Two

For someone looking for a high-quality shelter for a thru-hike but at a decent overall cost where ...

Bear attacking a bear canister showing it durability to attack

How To Choose For Thru-Hikes: Bear Canister Vs Bear Bag

As a foreigner in the bear country, you want to do the smart thing and make your ...

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group hiking up to a peak with multiple different backpack types and loadout styles

Backpacking 101: How To Pack a Backpack for Thru-Hiking

Learning how to pack a backpack for thru-hiking is essential for anyone who wants to complete a ...

trail with a zpacks duplex, dan durston xmid 2, and a lanshan 2 tent added to show variety matters.

Tent Weight: What Is A Good Weight For Thru-Hiking Use?

Your shelter on a thru-hike needs to be as lightweight as possible while providing you quality protection ...

Carbon Fiber Trekking poles resting on a backpack as the hiker has a chance to break

Carbon vs Aluminum: Choosing Your Trekking Pole Material

Choosing trekking poles is often a hard choice for new hikers. Do you want the lightest weight? ...

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Cook pot on a backpacking stove

Cooking Pots: Choosing The Perfect Size For Thru-Hiking

Pots for cooking are an essential piece of gear on the trail. But what pot sizes are ...

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Brown bear in a tree showing how well they climb and that bear bags must be hung right to work

Bear Bag: Simple Beginners Guide to Hanging Methods on Trail

For many looking to start their thru-hiking trips have never heard of bear bags let alone done ...

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woman on trail with backpack and trail runners which are good to feel the ground

Trail Runners: The Massive Popularity Growth for Thru-Hikes

When I started to prepare for my first thru-hikes, like the Lone Star Hiking Trail, I was ...

My Waymark Gear THRU pack from my last Eagle Rock Loop trip

Backpacking Big Three: Proper Gear Up For Outdoor Adventure

The big three are the core gear needed for relative safety and comfort on the trail. They ...

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red close up of a first aid kit

Thru-Hiker First Aid Kit: What to Include and Why

When thru-hiking, a first aid kit is one of the most critical pieces of gear you can ...

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blue inflatable sleeping pad inside a red tent

How to Effectively Clean Your Backpacking Sleeping Pad

One constant in managing gear is ensuring you take care of it to lengthen its lifespan, and ...