Merino sheep grazing in the fields of New Zealand

Trail Warmth: Why You Should Wear Merino Wool Clothing

I recently wanted to buy some woolen garments as I planned on going on hiking trips all ...

man with a backpack walking down a dirt road

Ultralight Backpacking Basics: Learn to Drop Base Weight

When I started rebuilding my hiker lifestyle and getting back outside, I began by buying backpacking gear ...

Freshly shorn merino wool ready to be processed and cleaned for wool creation.

Wool Clothing: Why Merino Wool Feels Less Itchy When Worn

Merino wool is loved within the hiking and camping communities due to its amazing ability to stay ...

blue and black alphalite el coyote quilt against a grey gradient background with the logo

El Coyote Quilts: Cottage Gear Comfort and Performance

There are a great many cottage gear companies in the outdoor space. El Coyote has been creating ...

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Lady on a hillside taking in the green world to help with her mental approach

Hiking for Mental Health: 5 Incredible Anxiety Benefits

If you suffer from anxiety or depression, it’s time to consider hiking for mental health benefits. Sure, ...

backpacking tarp setup in the woods with camo pattern to blend in better to the forest

Backpacking Tarps: Why They Help You Go Crazy Ultralight

For those who want to be the supreme ultralight backpacker, a backpacking tarp allows you to drop ...

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man in a azure blue Zpacks goose down jacket in the forest with snow

Down Jacket: Simple Decision Will Help Aid a Thru-Hiker

When you begin looking into gear for thru-hiking you quickly realize warmth is a core concern, both ...

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Man standing on top of a peak showing off his trail runners

Altra Lone Peak: Why Trail Runners Shouldn’t Be Waterproof

When you begin looking at shoes for your hike, most, like myself, will think that they want ...

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Cork trekking poles stuck in snow on a peak showing mountains behind

EVA Grip vs Cork: Choosing A Perfect Grip For Months of Use

Hiking, while fun for a weekend, can be a lot tougher to do once you decide to ...

Multiple assortment of food with hot dogs, fish and much more

Hiker Hunger: What and Why You Consume Food On Trail

When you start learning more about long-distance hiking and longer-duration treks as an average hiker, you may ...

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The 5 Superior Hiking Boot Laces You Should Never Be Without

Thru-hikers always work hard to accessorize with color wherever they can; most of the time, this is ...


20 Unexpected Things That Make Thru-Hiking Worth It

When most people think of thru-hiking, they imagine a long and arduous journey through the wilderness. And ...