Thru-Hiker Thoughts

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Freshly shorn merino wool ready to be processed and cleaned for wool creation.

Wool Clothing: Why Merino Wool Feels Less Itchy When Worn

Merino wool is loved within the hiking and camping communities due to its amazing ability to stay …

blue and black alphalite el coyote quilt against a grey gradient background with the logo

El Coyote Quilts: Cottage Gear Comfort and Performance

There are a great many cottage gear companies in the outdoor space. El Coyote has been creating …

Basics, Planning
Lady on a hillside taking in the green world to help with her mental approach

Hiking for Mental Health: 5 Incredible Anxiety Benefits

If you suffer from anxiety or depression, it’s time to consider hiking for mental health benefits. Sure, …

backpacking tarp setup in the woods with camo pattern to blend in better to the forest

Backpacking Tarps: Why They Help You Go Crazy Ultralight

For those who want to be the supreme ultralight backpacker, a backpacking tarp allows you to drop …

Basics, Gear
man in a azure blue Zpacks goose down jacket in the forest with snow

Down Jacket: Simple Decision Will Help Aid a Thru-Hiker

When you begin looking into gear for thru-hiking you quickly realize warmth is a core concern, both …

Basics, Gear
Man standing on top of a peak showing off his trail runners

Altra Lone Peak: Why Trail Runners Shouldn’t Be Waterproof

When you begin looking at shoes for your hike, most, like myself, will think that they want …

Basics, Gear
Cork trekking poles stuck in snow on a peak showing mountains behind

EVA Grip vs Cork: Choosing A Perfect Grip For Months of Use

Hiking, while fun for a weekend, can be a lot tougher to do once you decide to …

black friday hiking deals with a black bag with the words black friday on it

Amazing Black Friday Hiking Deals For Dropping Gear Weight

If you’re looking for a great way to take advantage of Black Friday, look no further than …

Outdoor Vitals Black Friday Deals and woman hiking the shoreline

Outdoor Vitals: Choosing Amazing Gear and Innovation

Over two years ago, I found Outdoor Vitals; I was searching for gear to start building myself …