Thru-Hiker Thoughts

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Sign heading into Gatlinburg

Hiker Boxes: Your Place To Help Others or Find Help On Trail

The concept of the hiker box has been around for as long as most can remember, and …

Appalachian Trail
White blaze on a tree showing the path to follow for the Appalachian Trail

Exploring the Appalachian Trail’s Roller Coaster: What You Should Know for a Thru-Hike Adventure

One of the most iconic sections of the Appalachian Trail from Ashby Gap to Snickers Gap when …

rain drops falling on the surface of a puddle

Wet Tent: How To Pack Up a Wet Tent And Keep Other Gear Dry

In your first week on the trail, you will probably have to put away your tent while …

Zpacks Zip Around Sleeping Bag In My Durston X-Mid 2 Pro

Quality Trail Rest: Are Expensive Sleeping Bags Worth Buying?

For a thru-hike, many backpackers will use a mummy or similar style sleeping bag to keep them …

My Xmid 2 Pro tent and Roan backpack out in the bampground on a overnight

Thru-Hiking Shelter: How Much Should You Spend on a Tent

Your home on the trail, a tent should be one of your most significant purchase expenses as …

Dan Durston X-Mid 2 Pro at a campsite low ground view

Good Tents: How Long Should a Tent Last For Thru-Hiking

When you are beginning to look into thru-hiking, most people start to imagine what shelter they should …

Nemo Elite and Gossamer Gear The Two on a grassy section of land.

Tent Anatomy: The Different Parts of a Tent Explained

When you go backpacking, there are a few pieces of equipment that you need to bring with …

Merino sheep grazing in the fields of New Zealand

Trail Warmth: Why You Should Wear Merino Wool Clothing

I recently wanted to buy some woolen garments as I planned on going on hiking trips all …

man with a backpack walking down a dirt road

Ultralight Backpacking Basics: Learn to Drop Base Weight

When I started rebuilding my hiker lifestyle and getting back outside, I began by buying backpacking gear …