Complete Backpacking Tent Comparison For Thru-Hikers

When looking to build your thru-hike kit being able to compare items is important so this backpacking tent comparison table helps take the difficulty out.

Complete Backpacking Tent Comparison For Thru-Hikers

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  • T = Trekking Poles
  • S = Semi Freestanding
  • F = Freestanding


  • 1 = 1 Person
  • 2 = 2 Person
  • 3 = 3 Person




i) All information, including pricing, was taken from each company website (January 2023). Errors or discrepancies may be possible. For the most accurate, up-to-date information, visit each company’s website. If you notice any errors, you can also email me.
ii) Imperial and soon Metric are converted using standard formulas; this may cause minor discrepancies with the company’s website information.
iii) I have affiliation with some of the companies included in the table.
iv) Remember that specs alone don’t tell the full story. There are many other factors to consider.

We have a complete list of our backpacking gear compendiums if you want additional gear.

Backpacking Tent Comparison Table

BrandModelColorPricePersonTypeTotal WeightTrail WeightL x W x HPU RatingWallsSeasonMaterialsPacked SizeDoors
ZpacksDuplexBlue6992T18.521.06459048N/ASingle20.753 SeasonDCF6" x 12"22
ZpacksDuplexOlive Drab6992T18.521.06459048N/ASingle20.753 SeasonDCF6" x 12"22
ZpacksDuplexWhite6992T18.521.06459048N/ASingle20.753 SeasonDCF6" x 12"22
ZpacksDuplexSpruce Green6992T20.523.06459048N/ASingle20.753 SeasonDCF6" x 12"22
ZpacksDuplexBurnt Orange6992T20.523.06459048N/ASingle20.753 SeasonDCF6" x 12"22
ZpacksDuplexDirt6992T20.523.06459048N/ASingle20.753 SeasonDCF6" x 12"22
ZpacksPlex SoloBlue5991T13.915.82389052N/ASingle18.53 SeasonDCF5" x 11"11
ZpacksPlex SoloOlive Drab5991T13.915.82389052N/ASingle18.53 SeasonDCF5" x 11"11
ZpacksPlex SoloWhite5991T13.915.82389052N/ASingle18.53 SeasonDCF5" x 11"11
ZpacksPlex SoloSpruce Green5991T15.417.32389052N/ASingle18.53 SeasonDCF5" x 11"11
ZpacksPlex SoloBurnt Orange5991T15.417.32389052N/ASingle18.53 SeasonDCF5" x 11"11
ZpacksPlex SoloDirt5991T15.417.32389052N/ASingle18.53 SeasonDCF5" x 11"11
ZpacksAltaplexBlue6751T15.417.32369058N/ASingle20.753 SeasonDCF6" x 12"11
ZpacksAltaplexOlive Drab6751T15.417.32369058N/ASingle20.753 SeasonDCF6" x 12"11
ZpacksAltaplexWhite6751T15.417.32369058N/ASingle20.753 SeasonDCF6" x 12"11
ZpacksAltaplexSpruce Green6751T17.219.12369058N/ASingle20.753 SeasonDCF6" x 12"11
ZpacksAltaplexBurnt Orange6751T17.219.12369058N/ASingle20.753 SeasonDCF6" x 12"11
ZpacksAltaplexDirt6751T17.219.12369058N/ASingle20.753 SeasonDCF6" x 12"11
ZpacksDupleXLBlue7492T20.823.36449048N/ASingle20.753 SeasonDCF6" x 12"22
ZpacksDupleXLOlive Drab7492T20.823.36449048N/ASingle20.753 SeasonDCF6" x 12"22
ZpacksDupleXLWhite7492T20.823.36449048N/ASingle20.753 SeasonDCF6" x 12"22
ZpacksDupleXLSpruce Green7492T21.824.36449048N/ASingle20.753 SeasonDCF6" x 12"22
ZpacksDupleXLBurnt Orange7492T21.824.36449048N/ASingle20.753 SeasonDCF6" x 12"22
ZpacksDupleXLDirt7492T21.824.36449048N/ASingle20.753 SeasonDCF6" x 12"22
ZpacksTriplexBlue7993T21.624.16609048N/ASingle20.753 SeasonDCF7" x 12"22
ZpacksTriplexOlive Drab7993T21.624.16609048N/ASingle20.753 SeasonDCF7" x 12"22
ZpacksTriplexWhite7993T21.624.16609048N/ASingle20.753 SeasonDCF7" x 12"22
ZpacksTriplexSpruce Green7993T2426.56609048N/ASingle20.753 SeasonDCF7" x 12"22
ZpacksTriplexBurnt Orange7993T2426.56609048N/ASingle20.753 SeasonDCF7" x 12"22
ZpacksTriplexDirt7993T2426.56609048N/ASingle20.753 SeasonDCF7" x 12"22
ZpacksFree Duo TentBlue8492T30.132.66429042N/ASingle153 SeasonDCF7" x 13"22
ZpacksFree Duo TentOlive Drab8492T30.132.66429042N/ASingle153 SeasonDCF7" x 13"22
ZpacksFree Duo TentWhite8492T30.132.66429042N/ASingle153 SeasonDCF7" x 13"22
ZpacksFree Duo TentSpruce Green8492T32.134.66429042N/ASingle153 SeasonDCF7" x 13"22
ZpacksFree Duo TentBurnt Orange8492T32.134.66429042N/ASingle153 SeasonDCF7" x 13"22
ZpacksFree Duo TentDirt8492T32.134.66429042N/ASingle153 SeasonDCF7" x 13"22
ZpacksFree Trio TentBlue9993T34.637.16599042N/ASingle153 SeasonDCF7" x 13"22
ZpacksFree Trio TentOlive Drab9993T34.637.16599042N/ASingle153 SeasonDCF7" x 13"22
ZpacksFree Trio TentWhite9993T34.637.16599042N/ASingle153 SeasonDCF7" x 13"22
ZpacksFree Trio TentSpruce Green9993T36.238.76599042N/ASingle153 SeasonDCF7" x 13"22
ZpacksFree Trio TentBurnt Orange9993T36.238.76599042N/ASingle153 SeasonDCF7" x 13"22
ZpacksFree Trio TentDirt9993T36.238.76599042N/ASingle153 SeasonDCF7" x 13"22
HMGUnbound 2P6992T23.9723.974890N/ASingle3 SeasonDCF8.5" x 6" x 5.5"22
HMGUltaMid 28252T20.320.38310764Single4 SeasonDCF8.5" x 6" x 5.5"11
Gossamer GearThe One299.251T17.722338445Single353 Season10D Nylon5" x 10"11
Gossamer GearThe Two3752T23.527.8488443Single353 Season10D Nylon5" x 11"22
Nemo EquipmentDagger OSMO™479.952F6654509042Double3 Season0D OSMO Ripstop19.5" x 6.5" x 3.5"22
Nemo EquipmentDagger OSMO™549.953F7462709042Double3 Season0D OSMO Ripstop19.5" x 6.5" x 3.5"22
Nemo EquipmentHornet™ Elite OSMO™499.951S2923408739Double3 Season0D OSMO Ripstop19" x 4" x 2"11
Nemo EquipmentHornet™ Elite OSMO™599.952S3327508537Double3 Season0D OSMO Ripstop19" x 4" x 2"11
Nemo EquipmentDragonfly™399.951F4233358840Double3 Season20D Nylon4" x 19.5"22
Nemo EquipmentDragonfly™449.952F5042508841Double3 Season20D Nylon4.5" x 19.5"22
Nemo EquipmentDragonfly™529.953F6355708844Double3 Season20D Nylon5" x 19.5"22
Nemo EquipmentHornet™359.951S3226438739Double3 Season10D Nylon4.5" x 19.5"22
Nemo EquipmentHornet™399.952S3831518539Double3 Season10D Nylon5.5" x 19.5"22
Sea To SummitAlto TR14491S39334284.542.5Double3 Season15D Polyester / 15D Nylon4" x 18"11
Sea To SummitAlto TR24992S47.341.45384.542.5Double3 Season15D Polyester / 15D Nylon5" x 21"22
Sea To SummitAlto TR1 Plus4891S43374284.542.5Double3 Season+20D Nylon / 15D Nylon4" x 18"11
Sea To SummitAlto TR2 Plus5392S51.444.95384.542.5Double3 Season+20D Nylon / 15D Nylon5" x 21"22
Sea To SummitTelos TR25592F5952.35384.543.5Double3 Season15D Polyester / 15D Nylon5" x 19"22
Sea To SummitTelos TR36593F7567.87190.552.5Double3 Season15D Polyester / 15D Nylon6" x 19"22
Sea To SummitTelos TR2 Plus5992F6057.75384.543.5Double3 Season+20D Nylon6" x 19"22
Sea To SummitTelos TR3 Plus6993F82737190.552.5Double3 Season+20D Nylon6" x 19"22
Durston GearX-Mid 1PAlpine Sage2401T30.830.8329043Double3 Season20D Polyester5" x 12"22
Durston GearX-Mid 1P SolidAlpine Sage2691T31.931.9329043Double3 Season+20D Polyester5" x 12"22
Durston GearX-Mid 2PAlpine Sage3002T39.438.4529245Double3 Season20D Polyester6.5" x 12"22
Durston GearX-Mid 2P SolidAlpine Sage3392T39.939.9529245Double3 Season+20D Polyester6.5" x 12"22
Durston GearX-Mid Pro 1PSpruce Green1T161646N/ASingle3 SeasonDCF22
Durston GearX-Mid Pro 2PSpruce Green6792T21.221.2489046N/ASingle3 SeasonDCF5" x 11"22
Outdoor VitalsFortius 1PBlue289.971T25.425.4288849353 Season15D Nylon5.5" x 7"11
Outdoor VitalsFortius 1PArctic289.971T25.425.4288849353 Season15D Nylon5.5" x 7"11
Outdoor VitalsFortius 2PBlue339.972T34.534.5488846353 Season15D Nylon5.5" x 7"22
Outdoor VitalsFortius 2PArctic339.972T34.534.5488846353 Season15D Nylon5.5" x 7"22
Outdoor VitalsDominionRed / Black274.971S45.545.5328536303 Season15D Nylon5" x 5" x 20"11
Outdoor VitalsDominionRed / Black329.972S6464528538303 Season15D Nylon6" x 6" x 22"22
FeatherstoneUL Granite 2PWhite / Orange129.992S7467518443Double25.63 Season20D Nylon4" x 16"22
FeatherstoneUL Obsidian 1White119.991S6044.538.58145Double25.63 Season20D Nylon4.3" x 17.87"11
FeatherstoneUL Periodot 2PGreen / White129.992S7773518443Double25.63 Season20D Nylon4" x 16"22
PariaBryceYellow144.991F61473685365000 mmDouble3 Season20D Nylon / 40 D Floor5" x 17"11
PariaBryceYellow164.992F70555385365000 mmDouble3 Season20D Nylon / 40 D Floor6" x 17"11
PariaArchesBrown139.991T50383690465000 mmSingle3 Season20D Nylon5" x 13"22
PariaArchesBrown149.992T56445390465000 mmSingle3 Season20D Nylon6" x 15"22
PariaZionWhite / Blue149.991F63513783365000 mmDouble3 Season20D Nylon6" x 17"22
PariaZionWhite / Blue169.992F79665385365000 mmDouble3 Season20D Nylon7" x 17"22
PariaZionWhite / Blue179.993F95817085405000 mmDouble3 Season20D Nylon9" x 17"22
REIFlash Air 1Mountain Moss2791T26.52035/278842Single3 Season6" x 16"11
REIFlash Air 2Mountain Moss3492T403152/428842Single3 Season7" x 16"22
REICo-op Quarter Dome SL 1Muted Sage3291S383135/278838Double3 Season6" x 19"11
REICo-op Quarter Dome SL 2Muted Sage3792S464052/428838Double3 Season7" x 20"22
REICo-op Half Dome SL 2+Blue Heaven3292F75.563549042Double3 Season40D Ripstop Nylon / 40D Taffeta Nylon7" x 20.5"22
REICo-op Half Dome SL 2+Dried Rosemary3292F75.563549042Double3 Season40D Ripstop Nylon / 40D Taffeta Nylon7" x 20.5"22
REICo-op Half Dome SL 2+Orange Ochre3292F75.563549042Double3 Season40D Ripstop Nylon / 40D Taffeta Nylon7" x 20.5"22
REICo-op Arete ASL 2Kabocha Orange4492F1019057/60/448843Double4 Season40D Ripstop Nylon / 40D Taffeta Nylon6" x 20"11
REICo-op Trail Hut 4Spring Moss2994F129.6112889048Double3 Season40D Ripstop Nylon / 40D Taffeta Nylon8.3" x 28.5"22
REICo-op Trail Hut 2Leaf Canopy Green Zephyr1992F9578528840Double3 Season40D Ripstop Nylon / 40D Taffeta Nylon8" x 18"22
REICo-op Half Dome SL 3+Blue Heaven3793F91.777789044Double3 Season40D Ripstop Nylon / 40D Taffeta Nylon7" x 23"22
REICo-op Half Dome SL 3+Orange Ochre3793F91.777789044Double3 Season40D Ripstop Nylon / 40D Taffeta Nylon7" x 23"22
REICo-op Passage 1Forest Floor1391F7459368840Double3 Season40D Ripstop Nylon / 40D Taffeta Nylon7.5" x 17"11
Near ZeroUltralight TentRed & White239.51F46403678433000 mmDouble3 Season20D Ripstop Nylon and Silicone-Taped Seams5" x 19"11
Near ZeroUltralight TentRed & White299.52F635651/4384413000 mmDouble3 Season20D Ripstop Nylon and Silicone-Taped Seams5" x 20"22
Near ZeroUltralight TentRed & White349.53F82757090433000 mmDouble3 Season20D Ripstop Nylon and Silicone-Taped Seams6" x 20"22
SlingfinSplitWingOrange & White3352242156/318241-471200/1800 mmDouble3 Season15D Nylon Ripstop / 20D Nylon Ripstop Floor5" x 11"11
SlingfinPortal 2
SlingfinCrossBow 2
SlingfinIndus 2
SlingfinProGuide 3
MSRHubba Hubba1
MSRHubba Hubba2
MSRHubba Hubba3
MSRCarbon Reflex1
MSRCarbon Reflex2
MSRCarbon Reflex3
ExpedOrion II Extreme
ExpedOrion III Extreme
ExpedOrion II UL
ExpedOrion III UL
ExpedVenus II Extreme
ExpedVenus III Extreme
ExpedVenus II UL
ExpedVenus III UL
ExpedMira I HL
ExpedMira II HL
ExpedMira III HL
ExpedLyra II Extreme
ExpedLyra III Extreme
ExpedLyra II
ExpedLyra III
ExpedOuter Space II
ExpedOuter Space III
ExpedVela I Extreme
KlymitCross Canyon209.992
KeltyOffsite 22
KeltyTanglewood 22
KeltyFar Out2
KeltyDiscovery Trail1
KeltyDiscovery Trail2
KeltyLate Start1
KeltyLate Start2
KeltyGrand Mesa2
Big AgnesSalt Creek SL22
Big AgnesSalt Creek SL33
Big AgnesBlack Tail 22
Big AgnesBlack Tail 33
Big AgnesC Bar 22
Big AgnesC Bar 33
Big AgnesCopper Spur HV UL11
Big AgnesCopper Spur HV UL22
Big AgnesCopper Spur HV UL33
Big AgnesCopper Spur HV UL3 mtnGLO®3
Big AgnesTiger Wall UL1 Solution Dye1
Big AgnesTiger Wall UL2 Solution Dye2
Big AgnesTiger Wall UL3 Solution Dye3
Big AgnesTiger Wall UL3 mtnGLO® Solution Dye3
Big AgnesFly Creek HV UL1 Solution Dye1
Big AgnesFly Creek HV UL2 Solution Dye2
Big AgnesTiger Wall UL2 mtnGLO® Solution Dye2
Big AgnesCopper Spur HV UL2 mtnGLO®2
Big AgnesCopper Spur HV UL2 Long2
Big AgnesCopper Spur HV UL3 Long3
Big AgnesFly Creek HV 1 Carbon1
Big AgnesTiger Wall 3 Carbon3
Big AgnesCopper Spur 2 Platinum2
Big AgnesTiger Wall 2 Platinum2
Big AgnesTiger Wall 3 Platinum3
Big AgnesCopper Spur 3 Platinum3
Big AgnesScout 1 Platinum1
Big AgnesScout 2 Platinum2
MountainsmithMorrison EVO 22
MountainsmithBear Creek 22
MountainsmithCelestial 22
MountainsmithCelestial 33
MountainsmithMorrison 22
MountainsmithLichen Peak 11
Sierra DesignsMeteor Lite 22
Sierra DesignsHigh Route 11
Sierra DesignsHigh Side 11
Sierra DesignsLost Coast 22
Sierra DesignsFull Moon 22
Sierra DesignsClearwing 22
Sierra DesignsClearwing 33
Sierra DesignsClip Flashlight 22
Sierra DesignsMeteor 22
Sierra DesignsMeteor 33
Snow PeakLago 1 in Ivory1
Snow PeakFal Pro. Air 22
Snow PeakFal Pro. Air 33
Snow PeakPenta Ease in Ivory1
Snow PeakHexa Ease 1 in Ivory1
TarptentAEON Li1
TarptentDIPOLE 1 Li1
TarptentMOMENT DW1
TarptentMOMENT DW Li1
TarptentNOTCH Li1
TarptentPROTRAIL Li1
TarptentRAINBOW Li1
TarptentSCARP 11
TarptentDIPOLE 2 LI2
TarptentSCARP 22
Black DiamondFirstlight2
Black DiamondHilight2
Black DiamondI-Tent
Black DiamondEldorado
Black DiamondFitzroy
Mountain HardwearStrato™ UL 2 Tent2
Mountain HardwearNimbus™ UL 1 Tent1
Mountain HardwearNimbus™ UL 2 Tent2
Mountain HardwearAspect™ 2 Tent2
Mountain HardwearAspect™ 3 Tent3
Hyke & BykeYosemite1
Hyke & BykeYosemite2
Hyke & BykeZion1
Hyke & BykeZion2
Six Moon DesignsLunar Solo2601
Six Moon DesignsSkyscape Trekker2751
Six Moon DesignsSkyscape Scout1601
Six Moon DesignsGatewood Cape1551
Six Moon DesignsHaven3752
Six Moon DesignsLunar Duo Explorer3952
Six Moon DesignsLunar Duo Outfitter2102
Mountain Laurel DesignsSolomid XL
Mountain Laurel DesignsDuomid
Mountain Laurel DesignsDuomid XL
Mountain Laurel DesignsSupermid
Mountain Laurel DesignsTrailstar
Lightheart GearDuo
Lightheart GearFireflySil-Nylon
Lightheart GearSoLong 6
Lightheart GearSolo
Lightheart GearFireflySil-Poly
Locus GearKhafra DCF-B
Locus GearKhafra Sil
Locus GearMenkaura Sil
Locus GearHapi DCF-B
Locus GearHapi Sil
Locus GearKhufu DCF-B
Locus GearKhufu Sil
Locus GearKhufu Tyvek
Locus GearApollo Tyvek
Big Sky InternationalTBD
Josh Koop

I turned 40 and realized I needed to change my life from being a desk-bound IT worker slowly dying in a cubicle. I have been working on ways to build my knowledge and skills, along with gear. I have plans to do a thru-hike on the Lone Star Hiking Trail, Ouachita Trail, and Pinhoti Trail in the next year.