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The Ultimate Resource for those looking to Thru-Hike

When you have finally made the decision to take the trek of a lifetime you have thousands of questions, I have worked to build the ultimate resource to help everyone be successful.
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ramen in a cup being eaten with chopsticks

Cold Soaking: Ultimate Ramen Guide To Taste And Variation

There are many people who are growing to love and enjoy cold soaking foods on the trail, ramen … Read more

Cooking Pots: Choosing The Perfect Size For Thru-Hiking

Pots for cooking are an essential piece of gear on the trail. But what pot sizes are best? … Read more
Brown bear in a tree showing how well they climb and that bear bags must be hung right to work

Bear Bag: Simple Beginners Guide to Hanging Methods on Trail

For many looking to start their thru-hiking trips have never heard of bear bags let alone done a … Read more
person on a hiking path with a superimposed leg injury highlighting dangers every thru-hiker worries about

Travel Insurance: Coverage When it Matters For Thru-Hikers

You’ve quit your job, packed up your life into a tiny backpack, and set out on a journey … Read more
a wooded section on the Pinhoti Trail with pretty greenery

Pinhoti Trail: Exploring An Overlooked Sensational Hike

The Pinhoti National Recreation Trail is often overlooked as a hiking destination because it’s not well known. This … Read more
woman on trail with backpack and trail runners which are good to feel the ground

Trail Runners: The Massive Popularity Growth for Thru-Hikes

When I started to prepare for my first thru-hikes, like the Lone Star Hiking Trail, I was trying … Read more
My Waymark Gear THRU pack from my last Eagle Rock Loop trip

Backpacking Big Three: Proper Gear Up For Outdoor Adventure

The big three are the core gear needed for relative safety and comfort on the trail. They compromise … Read more
red close up of a first aid kit

Thru-Hiker First Aid Kit: What to Include and Why

When thru-hiking, a first aid kit is one of the most critical pieces of gear you can bring … Read more