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The Ultimate Resource for those looking to Thru-Hike

When you have finally made the decision to take the trek of a lifetime you have thousands of questions, I have worked to build the ultimate resource to help everyone be successful.
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20 Unexpected Things That Make Thru-Hiking Worth It

When most people think of thru-hiking, they imagine a long and arduous journey through the wilderness. And while … Read more
Hiking up the mountain side trail with a blue backpack

Wind: How To Know You Need To Seek Shelter Out of the Woods

Many trails take months to travel from end to end, leading you to deal with all types of … Read more
Bear attacking a bear canister showing it durability to attack

How To Choose For Thru-Hikes: Bear Canister Vs Bear Bag

As a foreigner in the bear country, you want to do the smart thing and make your food … Read more
Trail through the woods with fresh snow

Cold Weather: How To Stay Safe When On the Trail

When you head out to hike in colder weather, like those crazy enough to choose to start the … Read more
Feet up and relaxing on the ground taking a break

Toughening Your Feet: How To Prep Them For Thru-Hiking Abuse

When you are new to hiking and putting rough miles in daily, your poor feet tend to pay … Read more
Man with an orange puffy jacket in the mountains

Hiker Stank: How To Get Smell Out of Puffy Jackets

Puffer jackets, also known as quilted jackets, have a signature puffed quilted design filled with what is known … Read more
tent on the open bald with amazing views of the mountains

Hammock Vs Tent: How To Choose Your Perfect Shelter

A colossal discussion that wages on forever are in the choice of shelter you choose to use for … Read more
group hiking up to a peak with multiple different backpack types and loadout styles

Backpacking 101: How To Pack a Backpack for Thru-Hiking

Learning how to pack a backpack for thru-hiking is essential for anyone who wants to complete a thru-hike. … Read more