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The Ultimate Resource for those looking to Thru-Hike

When you have finally made the decision to take the trek of a lifetime you have thousands of questions, I have worked to build the ultimate resource to help everyone be successful.
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Tent Footprints: How To Choose A Perfect Lightweight Option

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Sleeping Quilts (Sewn vs Zippered Footbox for Comfort)

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Double Wall vs Single Wall Tents: Benefits and Drawbacks

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Hiker Midnight: Taking A Break in the Darkness

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What is a Shakedown Hike? (Gauging Gear & Prep)

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AT Showers: Managing Your Filth Level While on the Trail

The Appalachian Trail is a challenge for anyone who takes it on, but managing your personal hygiene can … Read more
Power bank use on the Appalachian Trail allows you to use elctronics with less worry about power running out

AT Thru Hiker Guide: Managing Device Power on Trail

If you are a long-distance hiker on the Appalachian Trail, one of your main concerns will be how … Read more